How do you fix a Clip'n-Go on a pant cuff ?

1.   Fold a cuff to obtain more or less 4cm..


2. Position the CLIPnGO below the cuff.


3. Clip the CLIPnGO on the cuff, from bottom to top, taking care to leave the two small arms visible

4. Pinch the top of the cuff to insert a small arm of the CLIPnGO.. 

5. The CLIPnGO is now half fixed.

6. Proceed in the same way with the second arm of the CLIPnGO.

7. The CLIPnGO is correctly fixed. 


Where do you put clip'n-go’s?

Usually they are clipped on the seams of the cuffs of pants or shorts

They can also be clipped on the cuffs of shirts, jackets, sweaters, hats, shoes, boots …

Anywhere! As long as the clip’n-go can easily be inserted and stay fixed!