About us

It all began with a simple idea that arose one morning: Gianfranco hastily puts on his pants and notices that his seamstress wife has not yet had time to sew the hems. He folds the cuffs, but it is raining outside and he is afraid they might not hold until the evening. To prevent them from dragging in puddles, he then looks for a solution to fix them, finds hairpins, bends them and slides them on each side of the pant cuffs. When he comes home in the evening, he realizes that the pins have not moved by an inch and that the cuffs are intact. This gives him an idea.

Gianfranco locks himself in his garage and starts making clips based on the model of the bent pins. Slowly, the concept evolves. He welds metal plates which he cuts out of old paint cans, and decorates them with elements recovered from jewelry. Thus the CLIPnGO’s are born. In 2012, he presents them at the Exhibition of Inventions in Switzerland… The 500 families on whom he tests his concept are won over, and so is the jury: he earns a bronze medal. From there, he founds a company to develop and market these new accessories under the brand name CLIPnGO Jewelry.